The Underrated Benefits of Juicing Diet

diet with greensWith the increasing number of people who are becoming more concern about their health and staying fit, there’s no doubt why different juicing diet regimens are emerging today. Medically speaking, making juices as a main diet regimen is a very effective and has a lot of health benefits that no other regimen can outperform.

Aside from its undeniable health benefits, another reason why many people have been hooked to this type of regimen is the fact that it’s way too easy to prepare not to mention that this only requires minimal equipment and ingredients.

Things to prepare

Before one got to taste that nutritious juice for that unstoppable juicing diet, one need to prepare all the necessary equipment and ingredients, which in most cases, can be found in most kitchens.

As mentioned earlier, things such as a simple juicer, fresh fruits, low fat milk, and other healthy additives are enough to make a healthy and refreshing juice. It is important to note, though, that the fruits must be at top quality and the freshest.

The freshness of the fruits used has a significant impact not only on the juice’s taste but most importantly to its healthiness. The fresher the fruits used, the healthier it is. Buying from farmers’ market is probably the best way to get the freshest fruits than in supermarkets.

Benefits of Juicing Diet

Much has been said about the power and the benefits that people can get from drinking juices. According to different medical journals, fruits and veggie juices are actually good in supplementing the daily nutritional and dietary requirements of people.

In terms of dietary requirements, with today’s very fast-pace and sedentary lifestyle of most people, most of people aren’t getting the required nutrients they should be getting in a day. Thus, drinking fresh fruits can fill in the lacking nutrients that an average person needs everyday.

Good for the Skin

Juice made of fresh fruits or vegetables rich in vitamin E are good for skin. Fruits such as banana, orange, papaya, lemon, and mango, are just among the leading fruits that are good for the skin. Banana, for example, which is also rich in potassium, iron, magnesium and other vitamins is also rich as an anti-aging fruit. Orange, which is also rich in vitamin C, can helps improve immune system and helps fight infection and other diseases.

Fruits for shaping up

If you’re into slimming down, fruits that are rich in fiber and high in carbohydrate fruits must be on your menu. Fruits like mango, banana, and pineapple are among the fruits that are ideal for shedding those extra fats. Other than fruits that are high in carbohydrate, fruits that belong to citrus family and those berries are also another good example of fruits ideal for shaping up

Combining these fruits

If you don’t have specific reasons of going into juice diet other than maintaining a healthy lifestyle, combining these fruits or trying them from time to time is a good way to get different benefits by not targeting a specific goal.

In order to get the benefits of all fruits that are generally healthy, combining them or trying them from time to time is a good option. Combining fruits is also good in order to improve the taste of the juice itself.

When combining fruits, be cautious though that you don’t ruin the taste of the juice or you won’t like the result. But experimenting on what fruit suits if combined with another fruit is probably the only way to know it.

Nutribullet vs Juicer : Which does it better?

Juicing is such a craze that even Starbucks is also joining by trying to offer new juices to its menu.  But this juicing is not just a craze.  Drinking juice made from fresh ingredients enhances your digestion.  Advised by heath experts and even doctors that it is good for fitness and health.

Juicing extracts the water and nutrients from the fruits and leafy greens. It is also a great way to introduce the veggies into your children’s diet. However, juicing takes away the fiber that cannot be digested.  It makes the nutrients easily available for the cells and lining in the intestine. It will also aid for fast metabolism.

Blending on the other hand is the process breaking the fibers apart and not totally losing it. This is made into a smoothie which easily fills your needed nutrients.  These smoothies got all the needed fiber as it contain all of the fruit- skin and all.

These are the major processes that need to be understood. And you have to also consider if you want a juice or smoothie to start up your day.

Blenders and juicers have come first in the market. so by now, I assume you have them in your cupboard. And we have new devices also, called as bullets that will grind the ingredient faster. We have now the Nutribullet and the Magic Bullet in the market and these two are constantly being compared. But we have to leave it for the next article.

We have to take the  Nutribullet vs Juicer debate for kitchen duel. Let us take several of the advantages  of each before going into an argument here. But let me also be clear, I don’t intend to debase these two.

juicer  Juicer vs Nutribullet nutribullet

You have to take these considerations:

1. What is your diet plan? Do you like  a drink that has pulp or a smoothie?

If you intend to get the juice right away, then take the juicer. Juicers separate the pulp easily.  Fruits and other veggies should not be mixed. Wheatgrass for instance cannot be digested fully for their fiber, thus it is best to use the juicer. Its reamer, masticating and centrifugal juicer serves as grinder and separator of t

If you like the felling of fullness with the smoothie then take the Nutribullet.   It has a bigger power (600MW) than the ordinary juicer thus it can mill whole foods into powdery form and the texture is more consistent. Also, the fiber or the pulp from your ingredients are not lost. The patented blade and cyclonic motor givesit much power for such twirling, grinding and unwinding for your mixture to be truly smooth and well-blended.

2. How much time would you need for preparing the food? 

For the juicer, you really need to make a commitment. It would take around 20 minutes for the preparation and for cleaning up.  Setting up and the device is quite bulky. This is where the Nutribullet vs juicer got points as Nutribullet is quite easy to use and does not occupy much space. It is also very easy to assemble its 12 parts.

3.  How much are you willing to pay? 

For this part, the juicer takes the lead. Juicers are quite cheap with around $50-100 price difference. But if you are able to get a promo or Nutriullet coupon, then it balances the price between the two.

Now you have see the arguments for the Nutribullet vs Juicer discussion. You will see a lot of it but do not think that new devices like Nutribullet will just overshadow your good ol juicer. Both serve its own purpose. That is depending on what you need, your capacity and of course the time you commit for a healthy lifestyle. After all, nobody said it is easy.

Nutribullet vs Magic bullet : The Battle of the Bullet Devices

Which product is better? Which product review is more trustworthy?

We weigh these questions whenever we decide to get a product or replace the exisitng one we have.  This is the struggle always. And as a customer, this si rightly so. The market has given us so much choices and we can do our research which product does better or which one patly suits our needs. I don’t outrightly say this one is better. I always come into the premise: What is it that you want to achieve with your juices? Does you diet plan synchronizes with your blending or juicing equipment? You also have to think that devices adds new and improvised features for each product. Those, the first to be introduced in the market has a slight disadvantage. That’s how economics work. Get better with your product or you will lose.  This is how I see the debate on the Nutribullet vs Magic bullet.

nutribulletNutribullet vs Magic bullet Magic-Bullet0

The best way to get into this Nutribullet vs Magic bullet debate is to get them working together for you to be able to see the difference. Warn you, I am not a part of a marketing team of  any of these devices. I am just a health enthusiasts who loves to experiment with my juices.

Sometimes I want the pulp on my juices. Sometimes I like the smooth consistent drink. I got the Magic Bullet first because that was the one first available in the market.

So after experimenting with the two in my kitchen, here are my observations:

1. Pricing.  Magic Bullet is cheaper by around $50-80. There is a difference with the prices because of the power source is also different. Nutribullet has a 600MW powerblade.

2. Components. Nutribullet ha sa 12 set pieces while Magic bullet repacked itself and now got the 21 set with extra party cups with comfort lip rings.

3. Functions.  This is the most important part. and as I told you earlier, it will depend on what drink you are preparing. If you are preparing the protein shake,  the result is comparable with the two. But here lies the biggest difference. If you planning to use ice cubes and a hefty amount of fruits and leafy greens, then I say hands up for the Nutribullet.

Health is wealth. An old adage that is regaining importance in today’s very stressful world. And if you plan to get more of the juicing challenge, then try the Nutribullet. But if you would like to use it for protein shake, then Magic Bullet will just fine. If you want you can also try its latest offering.

Some people love their juice very pulverized. Some want to taste the pulp of fruits and veggies it used as ingredients for the mixture. So my final verdict is this: If you want you’re into smoothies and you get an extra buck, then take the Nutribullet. If you want some extra party mug and pulpy feel for your drink, then magic Bullet will do the trick.

Remember, this Nutribullet vs Magic bullet will take ages to settle. Deciding which is the better bullet device will still depend on your taste and diet plan strategy. You are an empowered customer and use that to make a choice that will suit your needs and wants for your daily dose of healthy drinks. Have fn with your choice and take head on on that power of twirling, blending and juicing. Health and wellness has never been this fun!



Honest and sensical Nutribullet Reviews

Let me take this as a personal journal. Previous posts have discussed the benefits of changing our lifestyle. From fast food and sodas, I decided to take on the road for natural juices.  May it be fruits or vegetables, staying fit and changing the way we eat are the way for a healthier. You know it is working because you see the increased demand for juicing machines.

And on of the newest blender/juicer/ extractor devices available in the  Nutribullet. No, this is not a paid review, you can check other Nutribullet reviews of your trusted dietitians or trainers. One search from Youtube and you will see my point. Also, I tried buying it at our local store but it is out of stock! The craze is indeed in town.

So let me share to you my  personal journey to health with the aid of my Nutribullet NBR 12. With its high speed blender, you can easily blend and extract juices from any fruit or leafy greens of your choice!


Nutribullet was developed and also marketed by David Wolfe, a raw food specialist and a known celebrity detox trainer Ariane Hundt. Together, they partner for a lifestyle Nutriblast program for anyone who is searching for a diet that would surely work.

And for every client who would like to see the benefits, there is a 21-day program designed- with easy to follow Nutribullet recipes. It will only take 20 minutes max to prepare your daily dose of healthiness.

So when you are buying, you have to ask this questions:  Why am I getting this device? How would you like your juice to be prepared? Would you like it too fine or you still want to feel some pulp? Buying the best juicing machines will require a research on your part as an empowered consumer. You consider these three things: power source,and maintenance cleaning of equipment. 

Check out its features. It has a 600MW motor with the capacity to spin for 10.000 RPMs (revolution per minute).  Its blade is solely deigned and patented. It can surely pulverize any fruits and leafy greens you have in mind.

I got my Nutribullet from Amazon and when it arrived, I was too excited to try it immediately. I called my wife from the office and she supported my child-like excitement. Freshly out of the box, I unwrapped the package. Make sure the 12 pieces are complete, not damaged nor the seal is broken. Take a look at the User Guide on how to install the 12 piece and important dos and don’ts reminders. The Manual also goes with a Recipe Book for your Nutriblasts Recipes (both in English, Spanish and French versions).

We still got spinach, cucumber, apple, pears nd some lime in our fridge. So what I did? I placed all of the ingredients in my Nutribullet Tall Cup, pressed the button and it blends so easily. The procedure just took 15 minutes! And here’s my first ever Nutriblast

.  juicesgreen lemonade

What are the benefits for getting the Nutribullet? 

I followed the 21 day challenge and also added several ingredients int he mixture for preparing the Nutriblasts. Here are the 5  things what I love about Nutribullet:

1.  You can transform your favorite veggies and fruits into a Superfood!

2. It is different with the regular juicer as the fiber are not thrown away.  If you observe your usual juicer, you will notice that you throw away the fiber, leaving  only the  “squeezed juice”.  That’s a big waste of food really and also, health professionals always remind us that the fiber are very important for our digestion.

3.  It is  very convenient and easy to assemble and CLEAN! We have our own regular work, alongside with the kids and other chores and preparation time for assembling and then the clean-up work after.

4. It is not bulky so it won’t occupy much of the space in the cupboard.

5. It is also cheaper. I got mine for only $110 (and it is also cheaper if you are able to get it on promo or through a Nutribullet coupon.

You can mix any greens and fruits of your liking.  I assure you for the smoothie consistency. I never expected this to be so good despite the raving Nutribullet reviews I have read beforehand. A day never passes without me using my very handy Nutribullet for my daily act of goodness for my body( especially for my digestive tract). And did I mention that it comes with the Nutribullet Recipe Book and Pocket Nutritionist? Worry not for the easy to prepare recipes and how to’s of getting the best out of the produce in your local market will be at your advantage.

It is not about the question on “To buy or Not to Buy” but rather reframing it to..”When should I buy?” and I say, if you want to live longer, healthier, then do it NOW!


Nutribullet Recipe Book : Your Guide to Wellness

I have a confession to make. I have no idea before about juicing, blending and these beautifully made natural juices. I mean, we got it all processed at the supermarkets or local stores. Little I know that I can do it on my own! Empowerment comes from knowledge. And that knowledge added with action will surely bring you to a new high.

A renewed spirit. A new start for a great lifestyle. And this is by deciding onset that change is needed. And to start with our daily diet. I am now done with those fatty unsaturated fats I always get from fatty food! I indulge in some moments, like I cannot give up totally on coffee and chocolates, but I learned that have the power to make that healthy choice for ourselves.

I can pinpoint exactly that day.  It was one fine June morning. I was feeling down and I opened the TV. There it is, an infomercial for the latest addition of a renewed bullet device. I have tried juicer and I’ve heard of the Magic Bullet but convinced that I needed it. I don’t know, but the demonstration of the super blades’ capacity to pulverize the leafy greens and fruits of your choices mesmerized me. So on one of my trips to the local store, I inquired about the Nutribullet. It was out of stock! hhhmm..Then I started my research. I looked for the reviews and demos on Youtube. They were singing praises for the device.  it must be something then. Sales went up and its hard to make reservations. So what I placed my order online.

nutribullet recipe book juice

And when it was delivered, Oh Boy! I am just too excited. It comes with manual and for the beginner like me, a heaven sent Nutribullet Recipe Book. Just what I need for easy instructions and basic mixes that I can try. My personal favorites are the Beauty Blast (best for skin and glowing skin), and the Skinny Blast (for fast burning of cholesterol). Then I get bolder. I became creative and experimented with the mixes. Also try to check out Bullet Recipe Sites  other experiments from other users around the world.

Aside from the very handy Nutribullet Recipe Book, you will get an additional Pocket Nutritionist that outlines several foods that would be best to mix (use organic!). It also teaches how to select the freshest produce in your local market,  how much to prepare for how many people, and choosing a weekly menu that has all the needed proteins and energy for you and your own family.

The Nutribullet Recipe Book and the Pocket Nutritionist is the “magic” combination of your wellness. Be ready to make that life-boosting recipes. And making smoothies out of veggies with the added twist of tangy and citrusy taste is one way to introduce veggies into their diet.  I hear a lot of mothers putting up their hands out of frustration and it is always a challenge to make their kids eat spinach or kale. Worry no more, since the Nutribullet Recipe Book has a list of smoothie mixes that you can try and sneak out the veggies into their drink.

And did I mention that it also goes with the Baby bullet? Yes, if you are a mother who is concerned for the needed nutrient your baby gets, then try it also.

Always remember, YOU have that choice to make a healthy lifestyle. Not just for you, but for your whole family.



How Juice Cleanse Diet Works

Different types of juice diets have varying benefits. But one of the most popular juicing regimen that’s getting the interest many health conscious individuals is the juice cleanse diet program. Over the years, people have become more concern about staying fit by just resorting to healthier juice diet.

According to some dietary experts, juice-based diets are actually more potent than any other health regimen especially when it is made of only freshest fruits and vegetables. On top of its refreshing effects, especially during summer, fresh fruits are proven to contain some anti-aging properties that are very helpful in delaying the sagging of skin and deterioration of other vital organs.

Power of Juice Cleanse Diet

For some health experts and those who have personal experience with juicing, this diet regimen is also an effective in reducing the likelihood of an individual from getting immunologic illnesses and other health issues.

Juices are also effective alternative to non-healthy drinks that most people consume these days. For recovering patients, a daily serving of fresh juice can hasten the recovery period and lowers the chance of infection.

Fruits and Veggie Juices

Fruits and vegetable juices by default are good sources of vitamins and nutrients that are essential for a healthy living. An average person must consume a certain amount of these nutrients and minerals everyday to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. But in reality, most of us just can’t.

That’s why incorporating juices to your diet through juices is a very helpful in ensuring that one gets the required nutritional requirements. Drinking veggie juice in particular is a very effective in making sure that even the most fruit with the most unpleasant taste becomes attractive and manageable to take.

Incorporating some natural additives that will enhance the taste of some bitter-tasting fruits. This approach is also effective in making kids drink veggie juices that they don’t typically like.

Buying The Best Juicing Machines

We all know that juicing is a good alternative to carbonated and soda-based drinks. But only few people are aware that the best juices are made using only the best juicing machines. Since not all juicers have the same performance, choosing what’s the best must be a major concern of health-conscious individuals.

In order to meet the varying needs of different people, particularly on their health requirements, some juicing machines are tailor-made to perform superior than the generic juicers. One of the advantages of picking a specialized juicer is that it only extracts what it should extract.

When choosing juicing machines, consider…


Buying a juicer from the supermarket is comparable to when buying a car. There’s really no perfect car and the same goes to juicers. Just like cars, choosing a perfect juicer depends on certain criteria that buyers must clarify among themselves before buying.

Things such as the individual’s expectations as well as the budget play a vital role in picking the best juicer. If the buyer needs feature-rich and more sophisticated designs, he has to spend a little bit more.

 Power source

Another important consideration that buyers must look into is the machine’s power source. Juicing machines actually come in two different types, manual and electric powered machines.

If power source is not a problem in your place, going for electric-powered machine is a convenient option. However, if there’s no problem in your area and you just want to help conserve power, you can choose manually-operated juicing machines.

Generally, there might be differences on each of the device’s performance. That’s why before deciding, one should weight what are the pros and cons for every device, are you comfortable with the cons? If yes, choosing the one over the other might work best for your. You just have to be created when choosing the best machine and when making your juice.

Choosing the Best Diets That Work

With the emergence of different diet programs, many health conscious individuals are still looking for diets that work. But one of the most common misconception that most people has today is that all types of dieting program actually works for every individual.

To ensure the effectiveness of any diet regimen, the program must be tailored to the specific person’s needs so as every aspect of the person’s health requirement will be attained and covered. Every diet program has its vantage points that every individual must seriously look into.

Juice-based diet

One of the most common and effective diet programs is juicing. This form of fitness program is one of those diets that really work, which can fit to different people with different health needs.

Juices that are made of fresh fruits and vegetables are ideal for people eyeing to lost some weight, improve digestion, and clearer complexion, among others. On top of its undisputed health benefits, juicing also has powerful effects in improving general health of an individual.

Low-carb diet

Opting for low-carb diet are ideal for people who want to shed some weight and become more fit. An abrupt shift to low-card diet might cause severe health issues to some individuals thus, consulting health professionals must be done before anything else.

Tailor-fitting Diets That Work

To ensure the effectiveness of any dieting program, customizing it to one’s preferences and liking must be done. In doing this, important things must be clarified such as what’s the main target of the program, how long does the person willing to commit for the entire regimen, and are the ingredients needed readily available?

By knowing these basic information, one can come up with a clearer direction of how the entire diet program will work. This can also determine the success or failure of the entire program.

Enjoying Juicing Benefits For a Better Health

Over the past years, the popularity of juice as a dieting regimen has increasing. In fact, many people have become more interested about some juicing benefits. Juicing, regardless whether it is a fruit or a vegetable, it is in no doubt a very healthy alternative to soda-based drinks.

Without any doubt, fruit juice in particular is very effective in improving a person’s overall health. With the kind of lifestyle that most people are having these days, more and more people should learn how to value and know the benefits of juice.

Important Juicing Benefits

Other than improving general health, taking juice regularly can also bring specific health benefits that every person should seriously consider. Despite the growing popularity of juice in improving general health, there are still a few people who don’t value its value.

Improved Immune System

Fruits that are rich in vitamin C are ideal in boosting immune system and countering common diseases such as colds, cough, and other immunologic ailments. Taking a glass of fresh fruit juice especially for kids is very essential for kids with developing immune system and can easily catch common colds.

Clearer Skin complexion

Other than improving one’s immune system, fruit and vegetable juice that are rich in vitamin E is also another good example of juice menu to prepare. Some fruits also have good anti-aging property that make them good example of fruits to try on so as with other vegetable.

Good Digestion      

One of the most important systems in the human body is the digestive system. In order to have a healthy body away from all forms of sickness, the digestive system must be performing very well. The absorption of important nutrients depend on how well the digestive system works with all of its organ. The better the digestive system works, the better the absorption of micronutrients will be.